Fatima Angels Singing

When I was at Fatima at the breakfast table, I told my friends how beautiful I thought the nuns singing was in the middle of the night. They replied that clearly the nuns are not up at night singing and that I must have heard angels singing. I’d like to hear it again.

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  1. admin Says:

    I have been trying to get others involved so it is not just me as that was my goal for this site – to get people to share stories with me. I would love it if you would share any story of faith and conversion you can. Fatima was amazing – Going to confession in a holy place like that and then going to such things as the night time rosary is like no other experience I have had. Somehow the energy of so many people focused on faith builds up and it seems to make “unique” things happen more regularly…

  2. admin Says:

    Great, I am encouraged to have some real comments as so much of it was spam at first. Please share any stories or anything you can.

  3. admin Says:

    You are welcome. How did it change your approach. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

  4. CJ Says:

    while visiting Mexico several years ago I visited a church named our lady of guadalupe. (seems there are several of those by the same name there)
    Whild kneeling and saying a brief prayer I was approached by a little girl in a pink dress holding a styrafoam cup seeking a donation. My head was lowered in prayer so I only had site of the cup and her lower extremity. Feeling generous, I placed a $20 bill in the cup and the girl responded by saying “Thank You Son”. I looked up because I was surprised by her choice of words only to see a little girl who resembled my mother as a child. I turned to get my wife’s attention for just a second and when I turned back around the little girl had vanished. The closest exit was about 50 yards away and she couldn’t have possibly exited that fast. Perhaps I was blessed with a real vision of a real angel? Who will ever know?

  5. CJ Says:

    By the way. My Mother had passed away a few years prior to this event.

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