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Shopping Mall of Grace

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Down in the basement of the mall
On the old wooden pews
Of the Carmelite chapel I sit
Waiting for the red light to turn white
For my turn to unload my sins
Like sacks of potatoes
Wound up like a children’s toy against the wall
I push off on the candlelight
And breathe fire
It smells like an old person’s closet
Yet is sweeter than sunrise

Buffalo Bill’s Conversion

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody (February 26, 1846 – January 10, 1917) was a soldier, bison hunter and showman. He was born in the Iowa and was one of the most colorful characters of the American Old West, and was largely famous for the shows he put on with cowboy themes.

“And it’s in my old age I have found God – And realize how easy it is to abandon sin and serve him. When one stops to think how little they have to give up – to serve God. It’s a wonder so many more don’t do it. A person only has to do right. Through this knowledge I have quit drinking entirely. And quit doing rash things simply by controlling my passions and temper when I find myself getting angry.”

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Saint Jude Novena

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

I have said the Saint Jude Novena many times and something always happens when I do. Somehow Saint Jude has a special power when things get tough. Jesus said “ask and you shall receive” and  so faith helps to make this work even, when things appear hopeless.

Below is a short novena to Saint Jude:

Continued March 8, 2010:

Many years back when I was looking for an apartment in Vermont and all semed lost, I stumbled accros a Saint Jude’s Prayer in the paper. It felt like it was directly responsible for finding a spot in a place that was overbooked and that was just right.

Today I ended a 9 day short prayer Novena to Saint Jude for physical healing. I had been sick for 3 months and feel the best I have in a long time for these last 9 days. A new herbal medication came the day the Novena started and tonight on the last day I have a healing session booked that I had been trying to book for a while.

I went to mass yesterday (Monday am) and was reminded so strongly of the healing that comes from mass. Somehow your life energy has a chance to realign without the stresses outside of church. I always say I should go to mass more during the week and that was one more reminder of how it helps.  I prayed in front of the Statue of Saint Jude and feel that somehow such places and objects can make you feel closer to God. I can only imagine if all the world was open to this energy and put statues and cool reminders of God all over the place. Would it be tacky and too much? Are these people all crazy and kitschy? Is times square more or less powerful?

Somerville Madonnas