Hands Awaiting

When my grandmother (my mother’s mother) was dying, I was just a little girl, only five-years-old.  I have very few memories that date back that long ago, but I strongly remember my love for her.  We had a special bond.  Several years ago, midway through my teenage years, my mother told me some details about the hours leading up to my grandmother’s death.  She said that right before grandmother died, the agonizing whimpers she had been uttering ceased and she began giggling like a little girl.  She was giggling and saying, “they’re ticking me…they’re all around me and it tickles.”  My mother and her siblings who were in the room witnessing this miracle knew then that God had sent his best angels to escort my grandmother to heaven.

Hearing this boosted my faith and gave me an almost tangible proof that there is a Heaven and God is there waiting with open arms to bring us home.  Lately, I rely so much on my spiritual connection with my grandmother in Heaven.  I listen to her whispers in my life, just as I listen to God’s whispers (and sometimes his shouts!)

Recommendation: I am almost finished reading the novel “The Shack” by William Young.  A wonderful novel I highly recommend to any Christian who needs that extra “proof” that there is a God… who let his only son, Jesus die for our salvation–a man made in our own image–we may sometimes forget just how ‘human’ God really is.


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